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Dazzle Drums

DJ / Producer Dazzle Drums is the two of Nagi & Kei Sugano

Kei Sugano, The Hip Hop culture of '92 spurred him to be a DJ in the club and the disco in Tokyo. After a valuable experience from Tony Humphries and Timmy Regisford, he has mechanically changed his style to more soulful music based on house and dance classics, leading him to NYC several times experiencing the dance floors of parties such as The Loft, Zanzibar, Sound Factory Bar, The Warehouse (Bronx), The Shelter, and Body & SOUL.

Nagi, Loves the dance music since she was 15, way before she set a foot in a disco or a club. Her first club experience was in '96, invited by her gay friend. The journey as a DJ had begun on the dance floor, where she discovered individuality in an environment in which nationality didn't matter. From there she joined "Smoker", hosted by the Japanese legendary DJ Nori at club LOOP from '98 to '08.

Both members started DJing individually in the 90s. Although rooted in soulful house music, their selection blends a wide variety of tracks of dance, house classics as well as current songs. In 2005 they began producing music using the name Dazzle Drums. After building...

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Demuir - purveyor of all sounds underground. Immersed in the relentless pursuit and support of all real underground house music.

Demuir’s eclectic house sound exudes funky, sexy and soulful beats that are consistently recognized and sought by fellow artists and dance music fans around the world. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Demuir started off as a child playing around on his Dad’s Hammond B3 organ, before beginning to play music seriously at the age of 16, with skills covering the keys, bass guitar, drums and percussion instruments. He first fell in love with house music after hearing Derrick May’s “Strings of Life”, and by seeing May, DJ Sneak, and Mark Farina at Industry, the legendary Toronto nightclub.

Awarded #1 Jacking House Producer of both 2015 & 2016 by leading digital house music retailer Traxsource, Demuir’s musical output has truly led him to stand out amongst his peers and be championed by dance music’s elite artists. Recent highlights of his releases include a single on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, EP’s on the legendary label Classic Music Company as well as Jesse Rose’s imprint Play It ...

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Doug Gomez

New York's own Doug Gomez started his career in 1987. As a true New Yorker of Colombian roots, his love for drums and sophisticated melodies led him to be embrace the path of Deejaying and production. He worked for ZYX Music & Waako Records from 1994 to 2005 as A&R/promotions director. A label that had artists such as Kings of Tomorrow (Sandy Rivera), Lenny Fontana, StoneBridge, Jeremias Santiago, Kenny Carpenter, Mood II Swing & Louie "Balo" Guzman to name a few.

In 2007, he teamed up with a friend to create music together under the alias DRRTYHAZE. This venture got them signed to labels like Gomma (Germany), TIRK (UK), and Nang amongst others. 7 years later in 2014, the calling to move to Costa Rica where he now resides came as an evidence for his creative growth. Doug Gomez is now slowly but surely spreading his sound in the region as well as the world.

Doug's love for what he affectionately calls "That New York sound" is evident on his 2016 releases on Unquantize, MoBlack, Cabana Recordings, Sole Channel, United Music Records, Tambor Music, King Street Sounds, Plastik People, Global Diplomacy and many more.

2017 sees the start of his own l...

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Echonomist was born in 1979 and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece in a family where music wasn't so important. None of the members of the family or relatives had any musical education or were playing any musical instrument. Despite this,his parents bought him from his early age a basic synthesizer (GEM),and hired a music teacher to teach him traditional Greek music in order to entertain his family on Sundays! The plan didn't seem so interesting to Petros as he tried to make wired sounds with his small harmonium and trying to make his first tracks recorded into tapes.

While studying accounting (just to please his father) he finished his first downtempo album which later drove him to form his first music project called "IνΦο"! Performing live with his band consisting of live musicians and vocalist,they covered a wide spectrum of electronic, downtempo music, releasing 3 studio albums till 2009, gaining fame mainly in the Greek electronic music scene.

Always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music,he soon began acquiring his own skills as a DJ,discovering the world of electronic dance music. Petros had fallen under the spell of stateside artists and...

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Francesco Mami

Francesco Mami has held many guises in his journey through dance music. Frankie, is a purist of sound who solidified his strengths in making artistic collaborations and now embarks upon a solo career that bears his name.

"Those that embrace his technical genius come away inspired, sometimes unsure just quite how or why...returning quite like the loyal Remora fish - stuck to this top predator. Let us at least try to answer this: synchronicity, style, grace and finesse are the genetics which ooze through a dab-hand to the big stage, or specialist crowd.

In fact, Mami confidently engages in this open environment. Like the killer from the murky depths you just didn't see and that NASA mission that unveiled something unpredicted and extraordinary. A big bite from out of nowhere coupled with inquisitive shock and amazement, Mami's techno core, rendered with new alkaline dust contextual illusion, lie at the heart of his individual mastery.

Reflected by a glowing and industrious last two years, Mami has been a fellow with the Circo Loco crew at DC10 in Ibiza, played consistently for the last two years at Burning Man (with both Robot Heart and a capacity White Oce...

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